“Jogging” with a silent J

This one is for you Clint and Gretchen!

In an effort to not cry every time I have to wear clothes that aren’t scrubs I’ve been trying to be more consistent with my fitness. My very best friend (who just had a baby and looks amazing) and I have been taking some fitness classes to get back into it but she was working today and I couldn’t dare go to a class alone….so I decided to go for a run, well a jog…..ok so my jog is most people’s fast walk but it was bouncy like a jog so we’ll call it that.

Yeah I’m super slow…but at least I’m moving right?!

So I start out running (fast bouncy walking?) and notice the dirt road I live off of is being graded….briefly thought about going back home but I already had my phone strapped to my arm and my dear husband had escorted me to our gate so he could push the “start workout” button for me because I can’t seem to twist that way without messing it all up, so I just kept going.

Between watching for cars, trying to stay upright while jumping into a ditch to avoid getting run over by equipment and being sprayed with what I hope was just water because I couldn’t get into the ditch fast enough I was off to a great start. I couldn’t turn around when there were people that had seen just how far I hadn’t gone so I kept going.

From the dirt road there’s a trail that leads to the campground at the lake near our house. I’m terrified I will see a snake and I should really bring my gun but I envision it pulling my pants down and giving more of a show than I’m willing to give my neighbors (at this time in life…I don’t want to rule it out entirely) It’s a skinny trail in tall grass and I keep getting tumbleweeds stuck to my shoelaces and then they attract more tumbleweeds and trying to run and shake them off probably looks like I’m seizing, good thing I’m less visible now….unless I see a snake….I decide if I get bit by a snake I’ll call 911 before my husband but if I break my ankle/leg from a tumbleweed pile up I’ll call him first so he can carry me….well he’d probably have to carry me either way I’m a wuss. But I keep going, mostly because I know there will be shade soon and the majority of the way home is downhill so I can just flop down the hill and it makes me feel faster.

Still in search of the methodical “runners high” but you probably have to actually be running to experience such a thing.


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