Making Friends

I’m a terrible blogger…I’m not sure if you could even call me a ‘blogger’ since I’ve only written 3 posts and I’m not so consistent with the writing. Let’s just say I’m a blogger-in-training.

Lots of changes happening here, I started a new job and so far I am loving it. It was certainly bittersweet to leave my last job, it was the first place I worked after graduating. I was so torn about even thinking about leaving. I worked with some really great people (and of course some terribly annoying people but I feel like that’s anywhere you go) and it is truly saddening that I won’t see some of these people on a regular basis. I have always made a point to learn people’s names and be friendly to everyone I come into contact with at work. I can sometimes come across a little too friendly and it seems to give the creepier folk the impression that I want to be friends. I have a list of people that I fear may one day try to make a suit out of my skin…I try to keep my husband updated on my list so if I were to ever go missing he would know where to look. While being friendly usually gets me into awkward conversations and situations, there are a select group of people that become like family. Your work family is something so unique, people that get to share in the day to day details and drama of your life but you probably rarely, if ever, see them outside of work except for things like weddings and baby showers. But you do truly care about them and it is hard to leave people you actually enjoy working with.
My last week at my previous job I went into full panic mode. I was so comfortable there. I knew everyone and I was good at my job. So why in the hell was I leaving? I knew it was a good career move for me. A bigger facility that is part of an even bigger corporation with more advancement opportunities, and of course a raise, but how much did that matter? What if everyone is mean and I hate it? What if they hate me? I was halfway ready to call it all of and stay in my comfortable job forever. But what good would that do me? I would be stuck working the same shift for the same pay smashed up against that pretty glass ceiling.
The first week of the new job was also my last week of the old job and I was a hot mess. I had training/orientation in the morning and worked in the evening. I was so tired and such a ball of nerves…I tried not to be too much of a winey bitch though, I was still getting more sleep than my new mom friends and I did this to myself.
So now I’m two weeks into the new job and so far I love it, it’s busy and I only halfway know what I’m doing, but I love it. I do, however, hate being the new kid. Between trying to learn 1000 new protocols and having to be on my best behavior I am mentally exhausted. I’m so mindful about being PC and nice and friendly to everyone I feel like I can’t be myself! Not that I’m some unprofessional, offensive, mouthy individual, but I have a dirty sense of humor and some inappropriate things may come out of my mouth from time to time. So until I get to know my new coworkers a little better I have to behave, and it’s kind of exhausting sometimes….like when this girl was talking about how surprised she was that Thanksgiving was on a Thursday this year it took everything I had not to laugh in her face and then tell everyone about it when she was gone. Okay so that made me sound like an asshole….I’m just saying if I knew these people better I would have nicely teased her in a friendly way, and we would all share a good chuckle.
I recently read an article about making friends in your thirties versus making friends in your twenties and it is a whole different ballgame. Gone are the days when you make last minute plans at 11 pm on a Friday night and bond over a $10 bottle of McCormicks flavored vodka. Now we have to schedule coffee and lunch dates two weeks out and even going out to ‘party’ you’re home by 11. If you’re trying to make a new friend it takes you a week just to decide if it’s creepy to even invite them at all. At this rate I’ll have some work friends in about 5 years. Oh and I should probably mention when I said I read an ‘article’ it was really some BuzzFeed list someone posted on Facebook….still had some valid points though!

I hate these tiny pocket squares for scrubs.


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